Sage Intacct Integrations That Maximize Software Value

May 17, 2023


Modern nonprofit software does more than just streamline processes, enhance reporting, increase visibility, and improve collaboration. It also leverages automation and AI to unlock additional functionality, enabling your teams to improve productivity with fewer resources. Read on to learn about eight types of nonprofit software and how they can maximize your organization’s impact on the communities it servesSage Intacct is the nonprofit industry’s leading accounting software solution. But did you know that software integrations add massive value by syncing the system with member management, fundraising, voter advocacy, marketing, and payment processing solutions?

Software integrations are the ticket to unlocking additional functionality. Read on to learn more about Sage Intacct and how to maximize the value of your tech stack with the power of integration.

Why Nonprofits Choose Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct is packed with unique tools relevant to modern nonprofit organizations and business owners. So first, let’s review some key features before going over how integration unlocks additional functionality. 

Sage Intacct is customized to maximize productivity and efficiency.

Sage Intacct is built for nonprofits with features that include grant management, fund accounting, and donor management. These capabilities enable your teams to effectively track funding sources and expenses, and produce powerful reports with data-driven insights.

Sage Intacct is cloud-based so it easily grows with your organization.

A cloud-based accounting solution frees your IT team from many drawbacks associated with on-premises software, like installation, license management, and updates. Your teams will also appreciate cloud-based software because it gives them real-time access to accounting data on any connected mobile device.

Sage Intacct provides automation that makes it easy to go with the (work)flow.

Finance managers should focus on adding value to the organization instead of micro-managing their team. Automated workflows free them from tedious administration tasks by streamlining business processes and automating approvals. Major benefits of this approach include saved time, improved efficiency, and higher productivity. 

Data-powered analytics and customized reporting enhance decision-making to maximize your organization’s impact.

Real-time data equals real-time visibility. Sage Intacct leverages real-time data to generate dashboards that let you know exactly what’s happening, right now. It also includes reporting tools that produce customized financial statements that look exactly like you want them to, with the click of a button. 

Unlock even more of Sage Intacct’s features with integrations. 

Sage Intacct is powerful on its own, but integrations take it up a notch by connecting the system with popular nonprofit software applications that include:

  • Fundraising and donor management software
  • Budgeting and planning software
  • Payment processing solutions
  • Marketing software

Seamless integrations permit the flow of data to automatically update systems with new information, including member payments, product and service sales, donations, and updated contact information. That results in reduced manual entry, increased accuracy, and saved time from redundant tasks. 

Start by connecting Sage Intact with your association management system.

Sage Intacct has over 350 integrations developed by marketplace partners that offer varying degrees of functionality, including:

  • Cash management software
  • Payment processing services
  • Automated vendor invoices and invoice coding
  • Data analytics software
  • Project management tools
  • Automated payroll processes
  • Time management software
  • Ecommerce applications

And much more. However, we suggest starting with a foundational integration like financeSYNC that synchronizes Sage Intacct, Quickbooks (or another solution) with an association management system.

Your membership management or association system is one of the pillars of your software stack. Integrating it with financeSYNC provides an instant ROI by relieving your team from redundant, time-consuming manual processes.

financeSync eliminates manual data entry, minimizes errors, improves accuracy, and ensures data is up-to-date across all your systems. With financeSYNC, you have more control with less effort. That translates to increased productivity and improved efficiency for everyone that uses the integrated system.

Sage Intacct + iMIS = An unbeatable combination trusted by the world’s leading nonprofits. 

iMIS is the nonprofit industry’s leading association management system. Successful nonprofits choose iMIS because it handles membership, marketing, fundraising, content, education, dues management, and much more — on one interface.

Features include:

  • Automation features to schedule tasks, send emails, and send staff notifications
  • Management tools to organize contact data and demographic information
  • Features that enable you to create online fundraising and crowdfunding campaigns
  • Event management capabilities that let you organize events from start to finish with registrations, personalized communications, and agendas
  • Marketing tools to boost engagement through email and social media
  • A content management system to easily publish content without coding skills
  • Reporting and analytics tools that provide powerful insights to help managers make more impactful decisions

With iMIS, you have a comprehensive membership management solution that syncs with Sage Intacct to free your team from time-wasting tasks that zap productivity. 

iMIS Integrations That Support Continuing Education and Empower Advocacy Efforts

Software customized for nonprofits was built with your organization’s requirements in focus. That includes the need to sync learning solutions and advocacy software so your team has the support needed to achieve goals from start to finish.

Connect your members to your learning platform with learningSync.

learningSYNC integrates a learning management system (like Brightspace) with iMIS to track member registrations and progress. Advanced features include personalized content delivery and learning experiences, easy implementation, numerous features for practice and feedback, and group learning support.

Extend your campaign’s influence with voterSync.

voterSYNC maximizes the impact of your advocacy campaigns by integrating iMIS with VoterVoice. Features include tools to launch campaigns, send texts to constituents, write letters to politicians, track progress, and more.

Software that works together helps your organization achieve so much more. 

Sage Intacct and iMIS are the industry’s leading membership management and nonprofit accounting software solutions. Used separately, they help your teams improve productivity and increase efficiency — but together they provide a synergistic flow that empowers your nonprofit to reach its fullest potential. 

Maximize the value of your nonprofit’s tech stack with Sage Intacct and iMIS integrations.

A new world of functionality is waiting for you with Sage Intacct and iMIS integrations. enSYNC helps you leverage that technology to take your organization further and make a lasting impact on the communities you serve.
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