VoterVoice Digital Advocacy Software

An all-inclusive digital grassroots advocacy solution that informs, unites and engages supporters to take action on critical government legislation that impacts your nonprofit organization and the communities it serves. 

VoterVoice is the critical link that will give you the powerful tools you need to mobilize supporters, influence lawmakers, and track the impact of your campaigns.

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VoterVoice: The #1 Digital Solution for Grassroots Advocacy

VoterVoice amplifies your grassroots advocacy campaigns with tools that empower your organization to support or oppose legislation at every level of government. Learn how VoterVoice can help you drive action, maximize impact, and produce results on critical issues affecting your organization and the communities it serves.

Create campaigns

Launch your plan to mobilize support with a customizable Grassroots Action Center connected to your website that helps supporters take swift action with a single click.

Build momentum

Engage supporters with powerful communication tools, newsletters, surveys and live events. Keep them up to date with voter scorecards that detail how lawmakers voted on the issues most important to them.


Easily organize live events

Leverage the integrated fly-in app to organize events, set appointments, create schedules and outline talking points - all in one unified digital environment.

Target the right people

Robust tools help you drill down and target the right officials in an intuitive interface. Stringent verification and matching protocols ensure email addresses are up to date and that your messages are delivered successfully.

Amplify your strategy

Build out your grasstops with unique features that identify key supporters with valuable connections to legislators. Using iMiS? VoterVoice integrates seamlessly to fuse advocacy solutions for a full-featured member-management system via our VoterSYNC.

Track performance

Unlock the power of real-time data with key metrics such as open rates, unsubscribes and click-throughs. Set up reminders, and track engagement to learn who supports your initiatives among the general public and across all levels of government.

Why VoterVoice?

Support or oppose legislation at every government level

VoterVoice helps you identify the most influential local, state or federal-level contacts and makes sure those messages are delivered with robust address-matching functionality built right into the app.

Identify meaningful public sector relationships

Advanced grasstops management helps you identify which contacts have strong relationships with lawmakers, elected officials, regulators and public affairs policymakers. VoterVoice’s unique suite of features gives you the tools you need to build out your network and encourage key officials to take action on vital issues.

Easily mobilize grassroots support

Create and connect a Grassroots Action Center to your website with unique features that help supporters take action with one click. VoterVoice software enables you to reach them easily with email, text, and push notifications, so they stay informed, connected, and engaged.

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