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How Clover (Formerly CardConnect) Simplifies Payment Processing

Clover (formerly CardConnect) is a payment processing system that has it all: credit/debit card processing, point-of-sale (POS) software, POS hardware, and a virtual terminal...

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Time to Switch to HTTPS

Have you made the change to HTTPS? If not, it’s time that you do. Google is making it less and less desirable to have a plain old HTTP site, encouraging security and privacy for..

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A Total Game-Changer: Association Operations Support Services

If you are looking for a solution to help lower your administrative costs, free up your time to focus on your association’s mission, and make your operation run more efficiently,..

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The Nonprofit's Guide To Digital Transformation

A digital transformation can enhance the way your nonprofit organization operates from the ground up, bringing your organization up to speed on the latest in technological..

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7 Benefits of Professional Membership Management Software

Professional membership management software is an investment that helps nonprofits, trade organizations, and member-based organizations do more in less time so they can focus on..

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Learn How to Implement IT Modernization for Your Nonprofit

IT modernization harnesses the ability to utilize the latest technology for the benefit of your digital business, nonprofit organization, or federal government agency. While many..

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Integrated Nonprofit Software: A Step Towards Digital Transformation

The digital transformation of business continues to charge forward at record speed, providing solutions to the needs of both companies and consumers along with reduced costs and..

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Why use Cloud-Based Accounting Software?

Do you want to make more money, run your association’s operations more smoothly, and make your financial data more secure without investing more resources? Then, cloud-based..

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Leading Successful Virtual Classroom Sessions

By Lynsey Duncan, Instructional Designer, Learning and Creative Services Virtual classroom sessions are an excellent way to bring life and engagement to online learning. They also..

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