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We're iMIS Ninjas!

IMIS 20 takes the concept of an Association Management System (AMS) and bumps it up a notch. iMIS is an Engagement Management System allowing members to fully interact with your organization on all levels--and your organization to fully interact with your members and donors. And it can all happen at any time, from anywhere, on any device.

iMIS fuses database management with web publishing, creating the most powerful foundation available for everything your organization does – member management, certification, event management, communications, commerce, fundraising – and so much more.  It gives you everything you need to recruit, engage, measure, and grow.

There’s a lot to learn about iMIS but we’ll start with this fact:

iMIS  is rated number #1 for market share and client satisfaction among member management systems.


Now here’s where we come in. enSYNC Corporation is an iMIS Solution Provider. We take this awesome software and make it work at organizations across the country.

New implementation
Are you searching for your first, or a new, AMS? We manage it every step of the way for you. We commit to fully understanding your needs, then make sure iMIS is set up to your specifications and works exactly like you need it to.

Are you on an earlier version of iMIS and need to upgrade to iMIS 20? We should be your first call. We’ve got the experience to make it a smooth, easy transition for you. 

Do you have some new staff or do you need to brush up on your iMIS skills? We have the experts in RiSE, in IQAs, and other features of iMIS that may be giving you headaches. Call us and we can discuss your staff training issues. You can also build your iMIS proficiency through our webinars, some of which are posted online

Do you have a special project in mind? Are you wanting to update a feature or create a customization to your iMIS installation? Are you interested in implementing to a third party software product? We’ve got software engineers, and we’re not afraid to use them!

Simply put:  if you have an iMIS need at your organization, you want us leading the charge. This is because enSYNC is master of iMIS, so savvy that we are, in fact, iMIS Ninjas. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with an iMIS implementation, staff training, customization, or development issue.

Webinar Series

"If you want a strategic partner that meets deadlines and tells you the truth….call enSYNC."
Phill Martin, CAE, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, The Church Network