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Simple but Powerful LMS Solutions for Nonprofits and Associations

enSYNC is your source for learning management software solutions designed with nonprofits and associations in mind. Your educational programming supports your mission, and we're thrilled to help. Engaging your members and anyone else who learns from you is easier and more effective with enSYNC.

Our two LMS solutions are TopClass LMS and Brightspace D2L. Both are highly capable, easy-to-implement learning platforms that work well for nonprofits and associations. We also offer an iMIS integration for Brightspace D2L so you can better organize everything you do in iMIS in a single platform.

Additionally, TopClass integrates directly with iMIS, simplifying your data management. Whichever LMS is right for you, we make it available as a thoroughly integrated solution or as an effective addition to your existing tech stack. 

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Here’s How We Compare TopClass and Brightspace

Which cloud-based learning management system is better for you: TopClass or Brightspace? Our comparison of these two products should help you make a decision.

TopClass by WBT

  • Integrates with iMIS

  • Collaborative Learning

  • Certification Programs

  • Mobile Learning

  • Support team assists with platform

  • Budget-friendly

  • Ideal for nonprofits and associations

Brightspace by D2L

  • Requires the learningSYNC
    add-on to integrate fully to iMIS.

  • Collaborative Learning
  • Interactive Content
  • Mobile Learning
  • Service teams assists with platform
  • Ideal for nonprofits, associations and corporations as well as educational institutions

We also have a free guide and template to help you choose which LMS is right for your organization.

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Replacing Your LMS

You may have used a trusted LMS only to see it sunsetting, putting you in the precarious position of having to find a replacement on a deadline. The good news is that we can help with your change management.

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TopClass by WBT

Our first LMS solution, TopClass by WBT, is a flexible and comprehensive system that offers you the opportunity to personalize for the needs of your organization. You’re able to take advantage of a wide selection of training modules and authoring tools to outfit your online courses.

After WBT Systems was acquired by ASi in 2021, TopClass was integrated with iMIS as part of a more comprehensive LMS solution, making it even more suitable for nonprofits and associations using iMIS. Scalable and versatile, TopClass is a great choice for growing organizations.

  • Best Continuing Education and Association Learning System 2019
  • 2018 eLearning Award for LMS
  • Top 50 Learning System for 2020
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Brightspace by D2L

Brightspace D2L is a high-quality learning platform that focuses on blended learning and the learner experience. With options for personalized learning and content experiences, Brightspace offers an LMS with optimal opportunities for maximizing engagement.

By offering outstanding customer experience and functionality, D2L has made Brightspace one of the very best choices for nonprofits and associations that want to deliver excellent learning experiences.

Our iMIS integration for D2L, learningSYNC, provides a deep integration that’s optimized for nonprofits and associations. It’s one of the most impactful tools available to nonprofit educators bar none.

  • Best in Biz Silver Winner, Customer Service Executive of the Year 2021
  • Talented Learning Top 40 Learning System 2021
  • Training Industry Top 20 Learning Management System (LMS) Companies (2021)

Want to connect Brightspace to iMIS? With learningSYNC, you can!

learningSYNC by enSYNC

learningSYNC is our Brightspace integration for iMIS, our way of helping nonprofits and associations incorporate one of the best LMS software solutions available into one of the best AMS solutions available to give them a top-quality digital environment in which to drive engagement and do everything else they do.

learningSYNC helps you keep track of learners’ needs across your organization. If you offer certification programs, training programs, or continuing education meant to work with other aspects of your mission, learningSYNC is an essential component of your strategy for engagement.

  • Provides Personalized Content Delivery for Members
  • Implementation of learningSYNC Takes From Two to Six Weeks
  • Improves Opportunities for Learner Engagement
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Do You Want to Improve Engagement?

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The Advantages of Using an LMS for Your Organization


For the amount of functionality they deliver, LMSs are an affordable and flexible solution. They are designed to offer comprehensive features including reporting and security that eliminate the cost of using additional products.

Integrates with iMIS

Both our LMS solutions can be integrated with iMIS for a comprehensive digital platform. TopClass is directly integrated with iMIS by their shared provider, and learningSYNC gives you an integration for Brightspace.


Designed for Nonprofits and Associations

Having different kinds of educational offerings means having different needs from an LMS. LMS solutions from enSYNC are intended for use by nonprofits and associations and deliver an overall better experience.

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