Your Association Management Implementation Plan

Wow! Your Go Live Date is coming up soon! If we started your implementation today, we could Go Live by

Are you ready to get going? Here’s an action plan that will show you, step-by-step, how enSYNC will lead you through your transition to your very own association management system.

No off-the-shelf system can do the things that your customized management system will be able to do, but going it alone can take months or even years of frustration and troubleshooting. That’s where enSYNC comes in.

Working with us is a highly collaborative process. This means enSYNC is there with you the entire time, learning your company and developing a truly personalized system so that it is customized to your exact needs and specifications. We are also there to show you how to train your team, and ensure everything goes off without a hitch.

Here’s what we know for sure:

  • Your Desired Go-Live Start Date:
  • Your Total Number of Users:

So what will it take for us to get your team ready to start by ? Let’s look at how things will go.

Implementation Kickoff

Ready? Set. Go!

This phase is like our get-to-know-you period. We spend this time meeting your team and educating everyone on what this transitional process to your new iMIS management system will look like.

If everyone is included in learning how the transition will happen, who is responsible for each task, and how we will work together from the very beginning, it’s sure to be a much easier, less stressful process for everyone involved.

Project Implementation Meeting:
From our very first implementation meeting, we are there with you to meet your team, review implementation methodology, and discuss everyone’s roles and responsibilities, so we are all on the same page.

  • Your Desired Team Start Date:
  • Your Desired End Date:

Task List

  • Description
  • Person
  • Sign contracts
  • enSYNC &
  • Payment processing
  • enSYNC &
  • Attend kickoff meeting
  • ALL
  • Install software
  • enSYNC & ASI
  • Setup staff user credentials
  • enSYNC & ASI
  • Review of technical environment
  • enSYNC & ASI

All in all, it takes 2 days to process your software order, 20 days to evaluate the requirements for your team, and 10-15 days to develop and configure the software to your exact needs. Here’s what those phases will look like:

Phase 1: Checking Requirements

Once we are all acquainted, we will spend some time learning what requirements your personal association management system will need. This will provide us the information we need to tailor your system to you so that each and every feature is customized to  needs and functions.

We don’t want to provide you a generic, run-of-the-mill management system. You deserve a management system as unique as your organization, so you don’t have to sacrifice form for function. Your personalized iMIS system will be developed to do all the things you need it to do, make your volunteers’ lives easier, and even automate certain steps.

Business Process Review:
This is our on-site review of  processes. We will hold analysis meetings to determine the way your organization will use the software modules. At this time we will also outline what training will look like, and import any necessary data we will need.

This process review is to identify how your daily complexities can be simplified with our software: either through process change or a custom solution, so your management system matches your needs. Your iMIS should be there to make your work easier, and learning about your daily operations will help us learn how to do that.

Typically, this means a consultant is with you, on-site, for 1-2 days, learning your vision and goals for the company, producing a project roadmap, introducing your team to key iMIS concepts and ideas, and developing a detailed project plan.

Phase 2: System Setup & Training (30 Days)

Time to get the team ready!

  • Your Start Date:
  • Your End Date:

During system set up, we configure your association management system, convert data, and train your administrators and Super Users - basically, your system experts and the people who will train the rest of your team

Typically, this takes somewhere around 30 days. At this time, we host regular status calls for your Super User team to learn of any roadblocks, issues, or impediments to the work they are doing, so we can make improvements to the system.

While setting up the system and training administrators and Super Users, we will also teach your technical team to be self-sufficient and well-versed in administering the system. This doesn’t mean we aren’t here to help you later - it just means your team will have the confidence to use your new system to the fullest!

Phase 3: User Acceptance & Testing (10-20 Days)

Let’s take your new system for a spin and see what it can do!

Your user acceptance and testing period is the time for the Super Users on your team to really test the system and see how it works for you and your organization.

We guide Super Users through the configured iMIS system and are available to answer any questions, but for the most part, this time is set aside for Super Users to really get to know the system, test it out, and document their experiences.

We provide you with multiple prototype sessions so your Super Users can test each system requirement to make sure the system is functioning just the way you want it to. Your team can report data conversion issues, ask questions, and look for any gaps in training we may have missed.

Basically? This is time for your Super Users to really get acquainted with the new management system, and for us to work out any kinks. If you have a dedicated user tester, this can take as little as 10 days. If testers are working on other tasks or managing other outside responsibilities, this may take up to 20 days.

Phase 4: End-User Training (10-20 Days)

Now, it’s time for your entire team to meet your new system.

“Team, meet iMIS. iMIS, meet our team.”

Once we have a final sign-off from you, your Super Users can begin training your End Users. This only happens once the management system has been thoroughly vetted by your Super Users so we know it’s truly ready to use.

How long does this phase take? It’s up to you. This may take as little as 10 days of dedicated time, but if this training is broken up to allow for other duties and obligations, it can take up to 20 days.

Team Training:
Your Super Users provide training to the rest of the team. enSYNC support is available at this time, but this training phase is mainly between Super Users and End-Users.

Task List

  • Description
  • Person
  • Data import & review
  • enSYNC &
  • Setup & configure Contact Management
  • Need to know who is responsible here
  • Setup & configure Membership/Billing module
  • Need to know who is responsible here
  • Setup User Training Event
  • enSYNC &
  • Setup & Define Events
  • Need to know who is responsible here
  • Setup & configure Finance
  • Need to know who is responsible here

Phase 5: Going Live (10-15 Days)

It’s time for your management system to make its big debut!

“World, meet iMIS. iMIS, meet The World.”

Your Start Date:

After team training and final data conversion (based on the input we receive from you), it’s time to transition to the live system. During this time, we complete the system changes to fully change your management system to the iMIS. At the end of this period, we deliver you the completed iMIS application.

If there is a dedicated PM managing the update and monitoring the go-live testing, this process can last 10 days, otherwise, this process may take up to 15 days.

Meeting with Customer Care:
We will facilitate your meeting with Customer Care so you can transition to on-going support from iMIS. This way, you are able to receive informed, reliable assistance from iMIS after the system implementation.

Task List

  • Description
  • Person
  • Complete full system test
  • Sign off on full system so the system can go into production
  • Attend meeting with Customer Care
  • & enSYNC
  • Complete full data conversion
  • enSYNC
  • Complete system changes for cut-over to iMIS
  • enSYNC
  • Transition to live system
  • enSYNC


Are there other elements that you want to include in your management system? We can work with you so that any of the following integrations can be provided into your very own iMIS:

  • LMS
  • Job Board
  • Advocacy Tool
  • 3rd party Event Management
  • Expo Management
  • “Sister” website


So what kind of an investment will this be for your company? Here’s what you need to know. Typically, developing an iMIS system that is just right for every organization we work with can range from $20,000 - $100,000+. Because iMIS is very configurable, we hope to keep customizations to a minimum and use the power of the software to set it to your specifications. Cost is also dependent upon your staff’s skillset and how able they are to pick up certain tasks, responsibilities, and project management during the implementation process.

We’d love to talk more with you about what this investment will look like for . Reach out and contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you, development of key features you’ll want or need to make your association even more successful, and to receive an estimate.


At every phase, from kickoff to system setup, from testing to training to going live with the final product, enSYNC is there to develop a management system that is entirely personal to the work that does.

We know this process can seem like a challenging one, which is why we are here, with experience implementing iMIS for over 200 organizations, to guide you through every step of the transition.

You deserve an iMIS management system that has been perfectly customized to match the work that you do. We’re the experts that can help you get there.

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