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8 Ways Integrated Nonprofit Software Helps Nonprofits Increase Revenue

Traditional accounting methods produce financial reports at predictable yearly and quarterly intervals so that management can use them to make decisions for the next period. While..

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Why use Cloud-Based Accounting Software?

Do you want to make more money, run your association’s operations more smoothly, and make your financial data more secure without investing more resources? Then, cloud-based..

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Digital transformation for professional associations is necessary to be competitive.

Digital Transformation for Associations

Many associations are run in a traditional fashion because they have been working for a long time and haven’t seen a need to change, or because of a conservative board of trustees..

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How to Write an Association Strategic Plan

A business plan is a must for any enterprise, but the term “strategic plan” has been gaining a bad reputation with board and staff members of nonprofit organizations, for a number..

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We Help You Find the Best Association Management System

Out of all the management tools available today to nonprofit organizations, association management software is the most attractive because it encompasses many tools, with features..

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COVID Changed Financial Planning for Nonprofits

We work with nonprofit organizations every day, and recently we have seen many in an unenviable financial position: the social distancing and economic downturn brought on by COVID..

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Top 10 Features for Your Association's Learning Management System

Associations have had to think outside the box now that social distancing has made meetings a thing of the past. Online learning is an excellent way in which associations can..

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iMIS Software for Associations: Finding the Best iMIS Partner

Everybody's talking about iMIS, which bills itself as “the #1 cloud-based solution for nonprofit, association, union, and membership management”. You may already be considering..

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Increase your Association’s Non-Dues Revenue with Online Learning

Funding is one of the main concerns of associations, and dues revenue streams - such as income from membership dues - is usually complemented by revenue from events, sponsorships,..

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