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Looking to do more for your organization?

    October 2018

    Getting Ready for Texting to Your Members

    To prepare for your texting program, here are some tips to get started:
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    September 2018

    Mark Jones, CAE, receives TSAE Chairman’s Award

    Williston and Jones have forged a professional and personal friendship.
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    August 2018

    Dipping Your Toe into Artificial Intelligence

    Technology is hard to keep up with. The pace of development is fast, and keeping our brain cells fed with new information is a full-time job.
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    July 2018

    Mobile Responsive or Mobile App – What’s Right for You?

    According to comScore, 50% of all digital media time in 2017 was spent on mobile apps while only 34% was spent on desktop and just 7% on mobile web. From the total time spent on mobile throughout...
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    June 2018

    Video: Using Your Data for Real Business Insights

    Everyone has data; the challenge is knowing how to use it. Whether you’re trying to segment audiences, build a report for your board, create relevant campaigns, or simply find basic member...
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    June 2018

    Video: Using SSRS to Design a Member Card

    Join us for an hour-long program and come away with a new feature for membership.
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    June 2018

    Video: Trends in Learning and How Technology Can Make it Happen

    Most associations have a mission to provide education, yet the forebears of our organizations could not have foreseen what learning looks like in 2018.
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    June 2018

    Video: RiSE 101 - The Basics

    Learn the basics about accessing and using RiSE, the content management system built in to iMIS.
    Unposed group of creative business people in an open concept office brainstorming their next project.
    June 2018

    Video: Rev Up Your IQA Skills - An Intermediate Program

    Earlier this year we had a great IQA Basics webinar to help you get those skills in tune. This month we ratchet it up a notch with an Intermediate IQA skills course.
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    April 2018

    Video: Changing Landscape of Email Marketing

    The world of email marketing is dynamic and there have been several market changes with our core partners, Informz and Real Magnet, now part of Higher Logic. Come hear about: