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Looking to do more for your organization?

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    February 2018

    Video: SPEED DEMO - See Payment Processing in Action

    SPEED DEMO - See Payment Processing in Action
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    January 2018

    Collect Member Dues Through Mobile

    The headache of most associations - dues collection. Despite deploying reminder email after reminder email, members aren’t in a rush to login to a website and submit payment. Why? Because it isn’t...
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    December 2017

    Happy Holidays!

    As we all take a breather from 2017 and get ready to sprint into 2018, we'd like to share our holiday hours in the coming weeks.
    December 2017

    Stacey Muellner Takes on New Role

    Stacey Muellner, a 12-year veteran of enSYNC, has been promoted to Director of Consulting. She'll be heading up our growing team of iMIS consultants, as they get ready to serve you in 2018.
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    October 2017

    Hassle-Free Accounting is One Great Benefit of CardConnect (formerly BluePay)

    We can all think of minor inconveniences – hassle factors – that confront us daily. Looking for the best hotel price, locating a stamp and envelope to mail a letter, finding cash in our wallet...
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    September 2017

    Time to Switch to HTTPS

    Have you made the change to HTTPS? If not, it’s time that you do. Google is making it less and less desirable to have a plain old HTTP site, encouraging security and privacy for all.
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    August 2017

    Two Webinars for September

    We've got two webinars in store for the month of September.
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    May 2017

    TLS 1.2 and Credit Card Processing

    PayPal is requiring the use of TLS 1.2 standards as of June 30, 2017. Changes are needed to settings on your iMIS server and desktop to ensure that credit card processing can continue in the iMIS...
    February 2017

    Demystifying Online Payment Processing

    If you are like me, so many of the processes, features, and functionality of the internet seem much like wizardry. I don’t know how they happen, but I know that, most of the time, they do indeed...
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    December 2016

    Get Ready for 2017 with These Productivity Tips

    Here it is. The end of another year. Already we're getting psyched for next year, making plans, setting goals, thinking of how to do it better.