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How Associations Can Stay Relevant & In Touch

Business-as-usual isn’t going to help your association grow and prosper. Things just aren’t the same as they were even six months ago. The global pandemic just accelerated..

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Transitioning to Online Member Engagement for Associations

The COVID pandemic has thrown a big spanner in the works of many an association and non-profit. After years of running on a tried and tested system, all meetings were brought to a..

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Step-by-Step Guide to Member Engagement

Member engagement is essential for the growth of any organization or nonprofit. Engaged members keep renewing, and they can increase membership via word of mouth; the better your..

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30 Member Engagement Ideas to Attract and Retain Members

Membership organizations are locked in a constant battle to keep members focused and engaged in a world filled with distractions and competing priorities. How do you earn loyal..

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enSYNC Awarded Customer Satisfaction Award for 2019 by ASI

For more than 20 years, enSYNC has been tech focused, mission focused and partner focused.  We’ve helped more than 500 organizations and nonprofits all over the world with tech..

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Leading Successful Virtual Classroom Sessions

By Lynsey Duncan, Instructional Designer, Learning and Creative Services Virtual classroom sessions are an excellent way to bring life and engagement to online learning. They also..

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The Transition from Face-to-Face to Online Learning: Maintaining an Engaging Experience

You’ve been teaching a course in a traditional face-to-face (F2F) classroom for years and have it nailed down to a science. Semester after semester, you get rave reviews from your..

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enSYNC and D2L Join to Deliver Learning for Nonprofits

Global learning technology leader D2L, and prominent member-based technology solution provider, enSYNC, today announced a new partnership that will support learning for nonprofits..

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What's New with Clover (formerly CardConnect)?

It’s that time of year when many of us are working on our 2020 budgets. So how about an idea that actually saves you money. Clover realizes a 10-15% savings in credit card fees.

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