Member TextXpress


Get your members moving with the power of text. Today's smart phone users don't view it as an intrusion on their time or as a drain on their data plan; they use it as a primary means of communication.

Today, there's no reason not to add a texting component to your member communications.

Member TextXpress is the easiest, fastest, most convenient way for you to text your members. A simple utility on your iMIS staff site is accessible by admins, who can then choose an IQA, type the message, and click send. 

The message arrives in your members' text inboxes and they can be ready to take action. 

System Requirements 

  • iMIS RiSE
  • Basic knowledge of IQAs
  • SMTP setup within the RiSE site

  • Simple Back-end Set Up
  • Uses your organization's SMTP server to send the messages
  • IQAs must be named starting with "TEXT_"
  • Can be configured to look at any field you choose - "mobile," "other," etc.


  • Contact us for a demo!