AutoDraft for iMIS: The #1 Solution for Perpetual Membership Payments

Make recurring payments simple and secure for donors and members while saving money and time. Autodraft for iMIS increases resources while reducing costs for an immediate impact on your nonprofit’s bottom line.


AutoDraft for iMIS automates payment collection

Let supporters easily initiate recurring monthly, annual, or one-time automatic payments for debit cards, credit cards, and e-checks in an intuitive interface that’s easy for everyone to use. 

Enable Payment Schedules

AutoDraft lets members and supporters make donations, set up recurring payments, and pay off large amounts through a variety of payment plan options

Store User Payment Information Safely

Store member and donor credit card, debit card and bank account information using secure tokens so they can renew memberships and make one-time payments in just a few clicks.

Enhanced Data Security and PCI Compliance

Autodraft with iMIS retains an active certification as a PCI‐validated product that can be easily configured for all organizations that wish to pass a formal PCI‐compliance audit.

Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency

Save time with features that streamline workflows, share data across integrated applications, and automatically alert users about upcoming payments and expired cards. 

Easily Issue Refunds

AutoDraft uses advanced tokenization and authentication methods that securely store information, allowing you to easily issue full or partial refunds immediately upon request. 

Increase Value with Recurring Revenue Streams

Automated payment collection instantly increases the value and predictability of revenue streams, bringing more funds to your nonprofit and allowing finance teams to effectively budget and allocate resources.

Why AutoDraft for iMIS?

AutoDraft seamlessly integrates into existing systems

Already using iMIS? As the world’s leading engagement management system, iMIS fuses database management and website publishing into a unified system.

Accelerate your payment collection efforts by implementing AutoDraft with iMIS and produce a synergistic solution that initiates recurring payments and donations all in one place.

AutoDraft for iMIS catalyzes your revenue strategy

Automated payment processing, scheduling features and options to initiate recurring donations, accelerate your revenue efforts while reducing costs and improving efficiency.

Ready to start automating your perpetual membership program?

Contact us to learn how AutoDraft can put your recurring payment and donations efforts on autopilot to save time, reduce costs, and build robust revenue streams.


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