enSYNC Corporation Acquires iMIS Division of Avant-Garde Consulting Services

Acquisition to offer current Avant-Garde iMIS clients increased support capacity, additional consulting services and access to association operation support services.  

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Giant padlock next to a circuit board with blue sky on the background

Time to Switch to HTTPS

Have you made the change to HTTPS? If not, it’s time that you do. Google is making it less and less desirable to have a plain old HTTP site, encouraging security and privacy for..

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Step-by-Step Guide to Attaining Nonprofit Sustainability

Gone are the days when nonprofit organizations could create something akin to a business plan and hope for the best. Nor can nonprofit organizations create five-year plans. If..

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cloud computing for nonprofits

Cloud Computing for Nonprofits: Don't Sleep on These Benefits

Digital technology is becoming easier to access, operate and adapt - and that’s great news for nonprofits looking to save money, increase productivity and improve collaboration.

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Digital transformation for professional associations is necessary to be competitive.

Digital Transformation for Associations

Many associations are run in a traditional fashion because they have been working for a long time and haven’t seen a need to change, or because of a conservative board of trustees..

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Confident businesswoman smiling in bright modern office

How to Write an Association Strategic Plan

A business plan is a must for any enterprise, but the term “strategic plan” has been gaining a bad reputation with board and staff members of nonprofit organizations, for a number..

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We Help You Find the Best Association Management System

Out of all the management tools available today to nonprofit organizations, association management software is the most attractive because it encompasses many tools, with features..

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Group planning together in a modern office

COVID Changed Financial Planning for Nonprofits

We work with nonprofit organizations every day, and recently we have seen many in an unenviable financial position: the social distancing and economic downturn brought on by COVID..

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How Associations Can Stay Relevant & In Touch

Business-as-usual isn’t going to help your association grow and prosper. Things just aren’t the same as they were even six months ago. The global pandemic just accelerated..

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