Mobile App for iMIS

By Clowder

The native mobile solution suite includes configurable tools your members need in order to remain connected year-round. Through one central app, your organization has simplified access to events, content and collaboration. The app is uniquely tailored to your organizational needs, branding and selected features.

By Clowder

An All-Encompassing App for Year-Round Member Engagement

Clowder is a year-round mobile product designed to drive engagement. The configured solution enhances your organization’s ability to connect members, employees and stakeholders where they live - on their phones. Content, collaboration and events are now in one place. Think of it as your own private social network.

Clowder's native apps are individually branded to your unique network and include over 150+ features. Each are complete with a simple-to-use admin and backend analytics, a 90-day development period, dedicated account management and easily-budgeted licensing agreements in place of large upfront costs.

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Why a mobile app for your organization?

Increase member engagement.

It is truly the #1 year-round mobile engagement solution for members. With this mobile application, you can look forward to an increase in retention/ readership, revenue from newsfeed sponsorship, event attendance, and member interactions.

Improve your engagement reporting.

Each app is accompanied with an easy-to-use, web-based admin for full back-end control as well as access to comprehensive user analytics. Our admins can integrate with outside systems including RSS feeds, blogs, AMSs, CMSs, event platforms and more.


Clowder welcomes a multitude of integrations in order to create seamless member experiences and expand app capabilities. This includes connecting your news feeds, blogs, AMS, CMS, event platform and more.

Self-service admin.

The back end admin included with your app allows for full content and user management as well as easy access to analytics. It also acts as a self-service advertisement hub for all mobile sponsorship and collected data. 


Pricing is all-inclusive and accounts for all implementation fees, ongoing client support and regular app updates.


onboarding, implementation & upgrade costs


Starting monthly fee

The pricing reflects Clowder's belief in year-round mobile engagement for maximum app adoption and success. The monthly fee includes an iOS app, Android app, a web-based admin, continued training and support, and ongoing sharing of mobile best practices by dedicated Client Success Managers. 

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