Association Management made easy.

IMIS 20 takes the concept of an Association Management System (AMS) and bumps it up a notch.







Your iMIS introduces new opportunities like:

  • check_new_Svg Self-service member management solution
  • check_new_Svg Association emails and newsletters
  • check_new_Svg Member community and member directories
  • check_new_Svg Use new management tools to improve member services
  • check_new_Svg Handle event registration and boost event attendance
  • check_new_Svg Expand content offerings with easy content management
  • check_new_Svg Create a job board for your members
  • check_new_Svg Introduce relationship management for better community outreach
  • check_new_Svg Handle payment processing in a fast, secure way
  • check_new_Svg Accept online payment and boost member renewal speed
  • check_new_Svg Manage fundraisers from one location
  • check_new_Svg Savvy technical support and integrations



An engagement system for your organization.

iMIS is an open-source Engagement Management Solution allowing your members database to fully interact with your organization on all levels--and your organization to fully interact with your members and donors. And it can all happen at any time, from anywhere, on any device.

iMIS fuses database management with web publishing, creating the most powerful foundation available for everything your organization does – member management, certification, event management, communications, commerce, fundraising – and so much more.

It gives you everything you need to recruit, engage, measure, and grow while saving you time and money. enSYNC is an iMIS consultant ready to help you on your next implementation.

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iMIS is rated number #1 for market share and client satisfaction among member management systems.

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iMIS Solution Provider

This is where enSYNC comes in. We’re an iMIS provider that uses this powerful open source membership management software solution to help our clients be more profitable, productive, and successful.

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iMIS Features Include

Our membership management software is packed with features to help you not only save time and money but also offer tools for your member community. From managing contacts and planning events to launching fundraising campaigns, iMIS features are designed with your organization's needs in mind.


iMIS Upgrades

If you’re using an earlier version of iMIS and need to upgrade to iMIS 20, we should be your first call. We have the experience to make it a smooth, easy transition for you. Our expert support team can answer all your questions about the transition and get you upgraded quickly with the latest in membership management software.

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Training & Technical Support

Maybe you have new staff or need to brush up on your iMIS skills. We can help. We have the experts in RiSE, IQAs, and other features of iMIS that can cause you headaches. Call us and we can discuss your staff training issues. You can also build your iMIS proficiency through our webinars, some of which are posted online. Whatever your preferred learning method, we’re here to help you and your staff save time and money while getting up to speed on the latest membership management system.


Powerful Marketing Tools

Reaching your association or member community is important to further your mission. Our powerful marketing tools are built-in to help you to do just that. Marketing features include ad tracking, email marketing, fundraising/crowdfunding tools, e-commerce, and more all in our management solution software. 

It will even help with building your website or mini-pages. Save time and money by using these tools and more to communicate with your contact database.


iMIS Implementations

Are you searching for your first AMS? Do you need a new one? Either way, we’ll help you manage the implementation every step of the way. We commit to fully understanding your needs, then make sure iMIS is set up to your specifications and works perfectly for your association. With over 200 implementations completed, adding your member database to our open source membership software has never been easier.


Information & Reporting Tools

Nothing is easier than having all your member data in one convenient web-based application. From creating beautiful custom reports to managing campaign performance, iMIS delivers on all your membership management needs.


Memorable Member Experience

Your members and donors can manage their own profile within our easy-to-use software. From their profiles, they can make a donation, buy products, register for an event, and even connect with one another. iMIS creates a great member experience on any device directly from our cloud-based platform.



Do you have a special project in mind? Do you need to update a feature or create customization to your iMIS installation? Are you interested in integrating with a third-party software product? Send all of your toughest challenges to our software engineers. We’re development experts who can find the perfect solution to your trickiest problems.

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Here’s the bottom line: If you have an iMIS need at your organization, you want us leading the charge. That’s because enSYNC is a master of iMIS, so savvy we’re known as the iMIS ninjas.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with an iMIS implementation, understanding your association management platform, staff training, development of key features you need, or customization that will help your association be more successful.