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Reduce Costs With Financial Software For Bar Associations

May 19, 2022


Is your accounting software helping your bar association move forward? Or does your legal software use outdated workflows that cost time and money? 

Modern financial software for bar associations offers unique tools that address important challenges while reducing expenses. Eliminate data silos, streamline processes, and automate workflows with cloud-based software that integrates with applications you are already using. Besides reducing costs, current software solutions provide real-time reports that help managers make decisions that better align with organizational goals. 

Changing your accounting system is not something you do often. The right software is an investment that pays off long-term by giving you critical member data that helps increase bar association membership and boost revenues. And if you need more tips on getting the financial software for your bar or legal association, get your free checklist on selecting the perfect vendor. 


How Modern Financial and Accounting Software Helps Bar Associations Reduce Costs.

Legal accounting and association management software provide unique tools that effectively track how money flows throughout an organization. When integrated with your data-driven membership management software, modern accounting software programs help associations save money by enabling finance teams to: 


1. Produce real-time reports 

Traditional financial software typically produces quarterly and yearly financial statements. While this may have been sufficient in the past, managers today need better reporting to adapt to changing market conditions.

Accounting software options customized for bar associations and legal services leverage the power of real-time data to provide customized reports with critical financial information. Personalized dashboards offer current data that reveals where money flows, giving managers powerful insights to make better decisions and pivot their strategy when required.


2. Save time with automation

Modern financial software frees you from the complexity of manual processes while providing automation tools that save time and money. Employees will be able to produce reports, automatically fill in forms, and generate statements quickly and efficiently. In addition, managers will have automated budgeting tools that help them stay on track with key organizational goals.


3. Reduce repetitive tasks

Wouldn’t it be convenient if data was entered only once and shared across multiple departments throughout the organization?

Integrated financial software makes it possible with information-sharing capabilities that minimize data entry, save time, and reduce employee costs. Besides cutting expenses, application integrations maximize advertising efforts, improve collaboration, and allow managers to use multiple data points to create precision marketing strategies.


4. Use performance analytics to track goals

Is your organization efficiently using resources to achieve its goals? Current accounting software gives you powerful financial performance assessment tools that measure how well you use resources to generate short and long-term revenues. In addition, performance analytics measure financial health with quantitative data metrics that show how well the organization is performing overall.


5. Stay on top of budgets

Financial software gives you specialized tools that help you set budget-related goals with features that ensure you stay on track. You’ll always know where your association is headed with real-time insights that keep you up to date at all times.


6. Automate a perpetual membership program

Cloud-based financial software easily integrates with applications that simplify recurring debit and credit card payments while saving money and time. Unique tools enable you to provide multiple options for members to pay dues, make donations, and pay off large amounts with customized payment plans. Automated processes link to your membership management software to send payment reminders and fee payment receipts.

Financial information is stored securely, allowing members to pay renewals and make one-time payments in just a few clicks. In addition, data is shared across integrated applications to minimize data, save time, and reduce employment expenses.


7. Reduce software expenses

Does your organization have separate billing software and expense tracking applications? Do they integrate to share information? Or do employees have to enter data into each system? 

Integrated financial software allows you to combine multiple financial processes under a unified interface. Cloud-based features easily access information with minimal data entry, reducing overall expenses and simplifying your software stack.


8. Enhance marketing efforts

Create precision marketing campaigns by aligning your strategy to your association’s financial performance and health. Accounting software gives you valuable insights into membership activity and bar association programs, so you know what works, what doesn’t, and what needs improvement. 

Quickly produce customized reports that show links between your specific marketing activities and their results. Monitor advertising expenses to ensure they perform according to your association’s goals. Integrated accounting software identifies what activities add value and which ones cut into profits, providing insights that help you create marketing strategies that produce better results.


Integrated financial software brings it all together.

Bar associations face immense financial challenges. Modern accounting software addresses those issues by helping finance teams simplify financial processes, automate reports, and leverage the power of data to make better decisions.

Bar associations have unique needs. Understanding how they differ is essential to formulating an effective long-term financial strategy. Cloud-based accounting solutions that integrate with your association management system provide a wealth of benefits that bring your entire team together under a unified interface.


enSYNC connects bar associations with powerful accounting software that helps them achieve critical financial goals.

enSYNC is a trusted partner of numerous legal and bar associations across multiple jurisdictions. We connect legal organizations with robust accounting software that helps them reduce expenses, improve collaboration, and derive essential insights that power decision-making.


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