What Your Organization Needs To Know About Nonprofit Advocacy

Most nonprofits focus their energies on social change. From healthcare access for vulnerable populations to ending homelessness, their mission is clear and they’re targeted toward..

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7 Key Strategies for Effective Fundraising for Nonprofits

Fundraising is a huge part of running a nonprofit. Limitations on your programming goals can be incredibly frustrating, and those become more common when money is tight. The more..

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The 5 Greatest Challenges In Nonprofit Management (And Solutions)

1. Money. In a recent survey of nonprofit administrators, the following concerns were at the top of the list: Growth/Generating Revenue was at 16.7%, Funding/Donors at 11.3%, and..

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Group raising hands

Video: How to Personalize the Member Experience

When it comes to goals like recruiting more members, increasing renewals, getting event registrations, and generating non-dues revenue, meaningful engagement with members is more..

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Video: How To Use CardConnect (Formerly BluePay) with iMIS

If you're concerned about credit card processing, don't understand how it all works, and are irked by those pesky credit card fees, join us! We can't get rid of the fees, but it's..

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Video: How to Engage Members and Monetize Your App

Look around… everyone is on their smartphone. That's where your members’ attention is. Whether it's skipping the line at Starbucks, ordering groceries or just about anything from..

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A How-to Guide for Your Next iMIS Upgrade: Helpful Hints and Things to Consider

We are constantly striving to provide you with the best, most up-to-date software solutions that will ensure your company is able to do what it does best.  iMIS, like all..

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See What Success Looks Like

Have you been able to grow your organization’s business by nearly 400% in one year?

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Best Practices for Managing a Perpetual Membership Program

Amazon is the de facto model for all things web today. Whether we are talking about eCommerce or about the user experience, we all strive to be “like Amazon.” One successful..

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