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How Clover (Formerly CardConnect) Simplifies Payment Processing

Clover (formerly CardConnect) is a payment processing system that has it all: credit/debit card processing, point-of-sale (POS) software, POS hardware, and a virtual terminal...

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5 Action Steps That Increase Bar Association Engagement

The internet changed how legal professionals learn, network, and find career opportunities. At the same time, younger lawyers have different professional and social values when..

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A Guide to LMS Evaluation Criteria

Choosing a Learning Management System (LMS) is one of the most important decisions you have to make if you offer educational programming of any kind. And it’s not an easy choice...

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Time to Switch to HTTPS

Have you made the change to HTTPS? If not, it’s time that you do. Google is making it less and less desirable to have a plain old HTTP site, encouraging security and privacy for..

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Step-by-Step Guide to Attaining Nonprofit Sustainability

Gone are the days when nonprofit organizations could create something akin to a business plan and hope for the best. Nor can nonprofit organizations create five-year plans. If..

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Case Study: Coastal Conservation Association

The CCA was formed in 1977 with a mission to protect the Texas Gulf Coast. Today, the movement has spread nationwide and it has chapters in 18 states concerned about protecting..

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Case Study: Strategic Assessment for TEXO

TEXO is a combined chapter of the two largest national construction associations in the country (Associated Builders and Contractors and The Associated General Contractors of..

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Case Study: Society of Critical Care Medicine

KioskXpress The SCCM serves physicians and others involved in life-saving critical care medicine. Attracting an audience of physicians and caregivers throughout the world, SCCM's..

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The Comprehensive Guide to Strategic Planning for Nonprofits

What is Strategic Planning? Most organizations have a strategic plan, although some plans are definitely better than others. (And occasionally, organizations operate without one..

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